Corporate Training

A Culture of Learning

Has your organization established a learning culture – a culture where learning professionals, leaders,  and/or peers are used to drive business results? Businesses with the highest commitment to continuous quality improvement and innovation have found that a culture of learning is essential in meeting their high expectations.  Training and coaching are necessary to dynamic organizations that want to stay ahead of their competitors.

Corporate TrainingRewards of Corporate Training and Development

A good training and development program is central to business retention strategies.  Not only does quality training increase the effectiveness of employees, but it also improves morale and increases employee loyalty.  Employees see training as an investment in them – a recognition of their value.  At the same time, the business can utilize training and corporate coaching as primary tools to insure employee behavior aligns with business goals and objectives.

High Payoff Training

Customer service training, communication training, and team building are training areas that deserve special attention throughout the organization because of the exponential value to the business.  Training in these areas improves the connectivity between people, departments, and services.  It is easy to see how customer service skills training is essential to the employees who have direct customer contact, but the best organizations insure that customer service is a focal point throughout the organization.  Whether it is product development or back office staff, a focus on customer service clarifies work priorities for everyone.  Good communications and functional teams increase efficiency and reduce time lost to conflicts.

The Value of Focus

Similarly, investments in leadership development training result in a high return on training dollars.  Executive training and leadership training assist in defining key strategies that positively impact the company’s bottom line.  This value is then multiplied as subordinates are coached to align their work efforts with the defined objectives.  A course for those who are new to supervision can pay tremendous dividends for the entire organization.  Leadership development should also address strategies related to talent management including building bench strength and succession planning.

The Lessons of Corporate Compliance Training

It is interesting that the most essential trainings are often the least effective trainings in many corporate environments.  These are compliance trainings.  Non-compliance to federal and other laws can result in significant loss of profits, and yet this training is often boring, undocumented, and met with employee resistance.  This provides a wonderful learning opportunity for identifying training essentials.  Effective training prepares the audience to be receptive to new information prior to the training, captures the audience during delivery of the training, and provides application opportunities after the training.  Train4Growth excels in this training process.

Train4Growth Delivers Exceptional Training Results

At Train4Growth our process allows us to develop and deliver meaningful training.  We meet with key stakeholders to identify training concerns, needs, readiness, and resistances.  We draft curriculum for review and discuss the environmental and pre-delivery needs.  Training delivery allows for a variety of learning styles, adult learning needs, and understanding of direct application.  Post training reinforcement is addressed with supervisors so that application is insured.  You pay for training; you get results.

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